Christian Business Network ~ 2021-22

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Jorge Hernandez

An Incredible Story
Redemption and Survival

November 11, 2021 11:45-1:00

Jorge Hernandez is joyful and walking. That may not sound amazing or extraordinary, but when you have lost all hope, all dreams, both legs, use of his hands, and all your dignity, it is a miracle. Yet the real miracle of Jorge is not that he has been given his life back from near-certain death, both spiritual and physical. Rather, it is in the wisdom that he has been graced with from his unimaginable experience…and in his determination to spread the inspiring message he has been given – to show and tell others that you always have a better way forward.

You are invited to hear Jorge’s incredible story at the November luncheon of the Christian Business Network on Thursday, Nov. 11, at 11:45 at Canyon Gate Country Club.

Today, Jorge is on a mission – to tell his story of redemption and survival, that if he can not only survive but thrive, so can you, so can teenagers in broken homes, so can people who have lost a job, or lost a goal, or lost a purpose. God not only saved him from literal hellfire but given him the perseverance to overcome pain and operations, learn to walk with prosthetics, and even regain athletic ability. Most of all, he has regained hope and faith, even in the face of having gone from being a 6-foot-tall athlete to a 3-foot-high, above-the-knee amputee.
He started working for the Las Vegas Chapter of Fellowship of Christians Athletes (FCA) in 2016, and he plays wheelchair Rugby as a hobby with other quadriplegics. He is also a leader of a church he helped plant in Las Vegas, fittingly named WALK Church!

Jorge had faith when he was in his hospital bed, hope in the living God, a power bigger than him. Seven months later he began public speaking, giving back to the hospitals, rehab centers, veterans, burn survivor, amputees giving others encouragement who are going through similar challenges. Now he shares his testimony and message throughout Las Vegas and also across the country.

Please mark your calendar to attend the Nov. 11, 2021 CBN luncheon! The cost of a delicious buffet lunch is still just $25, and we ask that you register using the link below or online at Canyon Gate Country Club is located at 2001 Canyon Gate Drive, right off Sahara Avenue and between Durango and Fort Apache. Please arrive a bit early to get through the guard gate quicker.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday, Nov. 11 at 11:45 for CBN!

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